Social bistro Strecha

Social, cooperative & vegan bistro in Zizkov

Czech Republic
Civil Society/Social Economy
Fields of action:
Work / Unemployment / Professional qualification
Poverty / Homelessness / Indebtedness
Criminality / Justice / Offender support
Age of the target group:
above 60 years = seniors
26 - 60 years = adults
19 - 25 years = young adults
Gender of the target group:
all genders
Project owner:
Sociální družstvo Střecha
Responsible person:
Hausknecht, Filip
Votes in total: 2

What is it about?

Social bistro Strecha is a vegan enterprise, which is runned in Žižkov by Social cooperative Strecha. The project has three pillars. First is social business - we employ ex-convicts and homeless people. Second is cooperative - we own and run the bistro collectively and democratically. Last pillar is veganism, because we only have one planet.