SEX, baff!

Project owner: equalizent Schulungs- und Beratungs GmbH (equalizent Training and Consulting Ltd.)

Responsible person: Karin Eckert


2,000 Euro Prize


Commercial enterprise

What is it about?

Deaf people have not had access to barrier-free sex education until now. Therefore, their idea of sexuality is often distorted. There is also a lack of knowledge about contraception. First of all, we built a barrier-free website. This offers knowledge with over 200 videos in sign language. In addition to basic topics, it also covers topics such as gender identity, sexting, violence and much more. Now the expansion of the site in easy language is planned. This way, people with learning difficulties can also get information and exercise their right to equal and self-confident sexuality.


People with disabilities are often not perceived as sexual human beings. Information surrounding the topic of sex in easy-to-read terms and sign language are difficult to find. This in turn makes it hard to engage in intimate contact in a self-determined and responsible way. This can have life-changing consequences, especially for girls.


SEX, baff! is a sex-education website, originally developed for the deaf. It is currently being extended to also provide easy-to-read information for people with learning disabilities. SEX, baff! covers a wide range of topics related to sexuality, such as: the human body, reproduction, contraception, emotions, sexual health and sexual rights – with a special focus on gender and diversity.


The original website for deaf people has been developed by a mixed team of hearing and deaf people. The project currently also works together with people with learning disabilities; these people check if the texts are easy to read and comprehensible and suggest changes if necessary.


Through the website, deaf people, and people with learning disabilities can live self-determined, and sexually fulfilled lives. The information provided by SEX, baff! helps prevent unwanted pregnancies, sexual violence and supports LGBTIQA+ members of the target group to live their identity. It contributes to a barrier-free society in which the target group can make well-informed decisions.


The content provided by the project are universal and can serve as a basis for sex-education worldwide for this specific target group. The content would only need to be translated into the respective national language (easy reading) or the national sign language of the country concerned.

Appreciation of the Jury

SEX, baff! fills the gap in sex education. Focusing specifically on deaf people and people with learning difficulties, it provides a much-needed platform to discuss taboo topics such as sexual pleasure, contraception and abortion in sign and easy to follow language. When necessary, it even invents missing expressions further extending the scope of the words sign language is able to convey. The innovativeness of the project is manifested through all these elements.