Dejepis Inak

Nominated 2023

Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia

Region: Implemented nationwide, Implemented nationwide

Sector: Commercial enterprise

Fields of action: Non-formal education, Awareness raising, Leisure education

Project owner: Mgr. Sandra Sviteková

Responsible person: Mgr. Sandra Sviteková

Website: Weblink


In Eastern Europe, a historically rooted rise of disinformation and hybrid warfare, populistic statements influencing sentiments, authoritarian governments, hatred, intolerant societies, and geopolitical and social changes, have been observed. A lack of education in such topics and weak critical thinking of the general public is also evident. A low level of interest in social science has led to the establishment of Dejepis Inak (History Differently).


The creation of short videos focused on history, social sciences, and philosophy, are publicly available on YouTube accessible to students and adults alike.


Mgr. Sandra Sviteková, a graduate of the Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University, major in teaching philosophy and history is responsible for creation, dissemination, and accuracy of the videos.


The aim of the project is to develop tolerance, critical thinking, awareness and media literacy in the general population. This in turn leads to the development of society's resistance to manipulation and misinformation. The videos have, thus far, reached approximately 22.4 million views, approximately 201,000 subscribers on YouTube with a reach of 49 million. Additionally, the project has realised about 100,000 regularly returning visitors on other social media platforms. The project has also resulted in increased interest among students and teachers.


The educational videos are internationally available to the general public. The project is therefore accessible to every country or region and needs only subtitles for other languages. The idea of project is easily transferable to other potential authors in all academic fields or disciplines around the world.