Call for proposals for SozialMarie 2020


On November 12, 2019, the tender for the SozialMarie will start for the 16th time: Our search for social innovations in Central and Eastern Europe continues. Starting this year, projects from all over Croatia can also be submitted!

SozialMarie 2019 goes to...


On 1 May, for the 15th time, 15 social innovations have been awarded the SozialMarie at ORF RadioKulturhaus. Read more about the Prize Winners here!

33 Nominations for SozialMarie 2019


The Experts of the Jury nominated 33 projects for SozialMarie 2019 from Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia.

SozialMarie Audience Awards 2019


The winning projects of the Audience Awards, that collected the most of the public votes, are finally known!

Public voting 2019


The public voting for the SozialMarie Audience Awards 2019 starts on February 20th and runs until February 27th, 11:59 p.m.!

SozialMarie Call for Applications 2019


This year 224 projects have been submitted for SozialMarie 2019. Learn more about them!

The SozialMarie Prizes were awarded!


On May 1st in Vienna’s ORF RadioKulturhaus and for the 14th time already, 15 socially innovative projects were awarded the SozialMarie Prizes. Who are the Prize winners of SozialMarie 2018? Read here!

34 Nominations for SozialMarie 2018


The Experts of the Jury nominated 34 projects for SozialMarie this year. Out of these 34 15 Prize Winners will be selected. Are you curious which projects are nominated for SozialMarie 2018?

SozialMarie Audience Awards 2018: The Winners


Learn more about the winners from Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, who collected the most votes and will be awarded a 3-minute image video about their projects!

Public voting 2018


Take part in the decision on which projects will be honoured with the SozialMarie Audience Award this year! Join the public voting until February 27th 2018, 11:59 p.m. Click on details to log in or to register!