Our Podcast “Why? Why? Why?” is online now – listen up and get inspired


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Our Podcast “Why? Why? Why?” is online now – listen up and get inspired. Listen to our podcast on the platforms Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts:


The SozialMarie Podcast is out now. We invite you to explore stories of awarded social innovators each month, answering these three curious questions: Why did they start? Why did it work? Why to persist? 


We aim to highlight the work and stories of social innovators from our vast European network. In our first episode we talk with two social innovators, Bettina and Albert. Although their stories differ, both are enthusiastic about improving this world through entrepreneurship. If you are looking for inspiration to add to your ideas or need encouragement to start as a social innovator, this episode is a good start!  

Bettina has a Roma background, and her work springs from her experiences as a teenager who grew up recognizing the effects of ethnic differences on herself and others.   

Albert follows a family tradition of helping others as professionals through medicine or education. In his case, he was more attracted to business entrepreneurship. He started and succeeded.  

Listen to two great stories about inclusion, personal development, business sustainability, the value of community, and the importance of taking action: Uccu Budapest Romani Walking Tours | SozialMarie and Munch | SozialMarie.

If you are a social innovator and want to learn more about what we do, drop us a message, or let's talk. birgit.haiden@sozialmarie.org.