Screw14-Repair Café

Nominated 2014

Country: Austria

Region: Vienna

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Work

Project owner: R.U.S.Z - Verein zur Förderung der Sozialwirtschaft

Responsible person: Sonja Hamburger

Website: Weblink

What is it about?

Young adults who prepare to acquire their apprenticeship leave certificates in mechatronics and electronics help those who would themselves like to repair their photographic cameras, hair-driers or electric kettles over a cup of coffee. The Repair Café, open one afternoon a week, is visited by men and women in equal numbers. Here, repairs that would be considered uneconomical under market conditions bring double benefit: on the one hand, planned obsolescence is prevented; on the other hand a qualification measure gains a meaningful practical aspect. The offer is to be extended to mobile phones and notebooks.