"It is Our Turn to Write“

Nominated 2015

Country: Austria

Region: Upper Austria

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Gender equality

Project owner: Caritas für Menschen in Not

Responsible person: Elke Welser

What is it about?

Sex workers describe their everyday, recount their lives, tell their experiences and all that matters to them. They write in their mother tongues. Once or twice a year, on changing sites, a selection of these stories is brought to the attention of as varied a public as possible. The reading is done by an actress, the author remains anonymous. Sometimes, one of them is part of the public and listens to her own stories … This is one of the rare chances to reflect on sex workers’ living and working conditions, to challenge clichés, to transcend taboos. The readings show the multiplicity of life scripts. Stigmatisation thus becomes difficult.