nominee 50001
Country / Region:
Civil Society/Social Economy
Fields of action:
Women- / Men-specific work
Age of the target group:
all age groups
Gender of the target group:
female only
Project owner:
Verein Craftistas Wien
Responsible person:
Melanie van Bemmel

What is it about?

In Vienna’s 16th district, girls and women can learn about things technical and about all sorts of crafts(wo)manship – in theory or in practice, guided or on their own, in any case: free of any (male) observer. On offer: do it yourself WORKshops in wood, metal, leather, textiles, electronics, renovating; repair-, recycling- and energy-cafés; and Open Women WORKshop afternoons for a maximum of eight women at a time. Payment is up to every girl’s or woman’s own judgement. A “Mobile Women*WORKshop” and a tool rental system are presently being set up. These various learning and WORKing spaces for girls and women are to very practically counteract pervasive gender codes that still – or once again – reign supreme.