Closer to the community

2,000 Euro Prize 2018

Country: Slovakia

Region: Implemented nationwide

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Community development, Mental health, Addiction

Project owner: C.A. Odyseus

Responsible person: Bc; Dominika Jašeková

Website: Weblink

What is it about?

After 16 years of outreach work in one of the neighbourhoods in Bratislava called Pentagon C.A. Odyseus has opened its first drop-in centre thanks to which it has created a chance for helping not only people who use drugs but also the wider community. Thanks to the centre Odyseus engages drug users themselves in contributing to a better life in the place which has been fighting drugs for years.

Appreciation of the Jury

It is not only the needles and syringes lying about after use that deprive the area around the “Pentagon” of its quality of living. In other respects too nobody seems to care. For example, nobody really bothers about the actually beautiful green space at the heart of building’s U-form. The city council is not in charge; the “Pentagon” is private, not public space. It was finally the drug users themselves, encouraged by Odyseus, who started making an effort to tidy up and get the surroundings clean. Closer to the community lends substance and continuity to this endeavour. An innovative intervention. City politics has become interested. Hopefully the inhabitants‘ trust can be conquered next.