Safe and active ageing

We help seniors to experience their age safely healthy and happily.

2,000 Euro Prize

winner 50200
Country / Region:
throughout Czech Republic
Civil Society/Social Economy
Fields of action:
Adult education / Awareness raising
Violence prevention / Help for victims
Age of the target group:
above 60 years = seniors
Gender of the target group:
all genders
Project owner:
Spolek Hurá na Výlet!
Responsible person:
Martinek Tomas, Bc.

What is it about?

Our association prevents seniors form abusement on promotional events held by fraudulent traders who were attracting the seniors offering them cheap trips, but actually, their goal was to make the seniors buy overpriced and often also poor quality products. Nowadays we do trips, cultural events and other opportunities where seniors can spend their free time safely, healthy and with care.

Appreciation of the Jury

The day trip no longer serves as a pretext, supposedly free, so that older people are encouraged to purchase. Not a sales presentation disguised as a leisure programme, that fellow travellers find difficult to escape. Now the joint excursion itself is the focus, it is accompanied age appropriately, and meets the needs of senior citizens. The Hurá na Výlet! association protects people 65+ from loneliness and dubious sales practises in an innovatively pleasant manner. Simple and good.