PUNKT Social Restaurant

Nominated 2020

Country: Croatia

Region: Istria County

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Work, Disability, Awareness raising

Project owner: PUNKT d.o.o.

Responsible person: Danijela Kasumovic-Maruzin

Website: Weblink


Individuals and communities with disabilities in Croatia face difficult challenges in finding work. The elderly and long-term unemployed are also isolated from society and without the resources to build an income. Our project helps disabled communities to find work, where they can grow and contribute their skills in society.


PUNKT connects disabled communities in Croatia with work in the food service industry and offers home-cooked meals at affordable prices. Our business provides care and improves the quality of life for the most vulnerable in society.


The project involves the whole community. Our customers who order our products directly contribute to the project’s development. Our services are carried out by those in the most disadvantaged positions: communities with disabilities, the long-term unemployed, and older people.


PUNKT’s social impact lies in its community outreach and social entrepreneurship model. Over 120 people with disabilities are involved in the project. Customers receive high-quality food service served in an innovative and humane approach.


It is possible to transfer and implement the entire project to other social environments, contexts, and regions. This model of work can and should be conducted in all businesses, but it is, unfortunately not the case. We, however, have proved that it is possible to implement this social model to the satisfaction of all members of the local community.