The Green Squad

The Green Squad - Association ViDrA Forum


nominee ["50400","50407","50408"]
Country / Region:
throughout Croatia
City of Zagreb
Zagreb County
Civil Society/Social Economy
Fields of action:
Age of the target group:
all age groups
Gender of the target group:
all genders
Project owner:
ViDrA - Veterani i društvena akcija
Responsible person:
Vesna Grgić

What is it about?

The Green Squad was established with the purpose of fighting for preservation of Croatia's natural environment and forest resources, and in its breadth of impact is a unique example among other veterans' associations. Green Squad collects, analyzes and publishes documents indicating, and proving, irregularities, illegalities and non-transparency of the institutions responsible for the management of Croatian forest resources, organizes a large number of public actions involving ever more concerned citizens and collaborates with numerous local, regional and European environmental organizations.