Understanding each other!

Nominated 2021

Country: Hungary

Region: Implemented nationwide

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Work, Disability, Awareness raising

Project owner: Siketek és Nagyothallók Országos Szövetsége (SINOSZ); Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Responsible person: Dr. Hangya Dóra, Horváth Zsófia

Website: Weblink


The deaf and people with hearing impairments often face discrimination in Hungary. Access to employment and labour market services are often not accessible. We created our programme in response to this challenge. Job advertisements and internal information from employers are adapted to sign language by the deaf.


We develop services to provide independent living and employment for the deaf and people with hearing impairments. The sign language remote interpreter and text-based operator service, KONTAKT, and the complementary HR service, AKADÁLYUGRÁS, create accessible communication between employers and our clients.


We work with the deaf, people with hearing impairments, and employers. Based on the “nothing about us, without us” principle, we share information in sign language and captioning. 7 deaf regional representatives have moderated workshops nationwide on our service in sign language. All of our staff also know sign language.  


We encourage a paradigm shift. We focus on the open labour market. As a result of our work, employers recognise the beneficial impacts of these socially responsible practices. They work to ensure that accessible conditions for employing deaf people are met by offering accessible communications.


The project is fully adaptable as a best practice anywhere. There is currently no similar service in Eastern Europe. We hope that our work will set a good example and motivate advocacy NGOs working with the deaf and people with hearing impairments in neighbouring countries.