Die Gesundheitsgreisslerei

Project owner: Schweizer Haus Hadersdorf

Responsible person: Dr.in Barbara Gegenhuber, MA


2,000 Euro Prize


Civil Society / Social Economy

What is it about?

Die Gesundheitsgreisslerei is an outpatient therapy centre designed specifically for women with addictions and staffed exclusively by women. The treatment concept is tailored to women’s unique needs and has a feminist focus. It takes into account gender-specific differences arising from women’s backgrounds and social conditions. Die Gesundheitsgreisslerei provides a safe environment for women seeking gender-sensitive outpatient treatment, support and rehabilitation for their alcohol and drug dependency issues.


Gender-sensitive treatment is a pressing issue in medical care and rehabilitation therapy – addiction treatment is no exception. There are significant differences in addiction treatment for men and women, such as how the disease originates and progresses. Women are underrepresented and are placed under treatment programmes developed for men. 


Die Gesundheitsgreisslerei offers female patients a safe space and female-specific, feminist-oriented addiction treatment. Our programmes are tailored to each woman’s needs, background, and social conditions to support them gain their independence and autonomy.


Die Gesundheitsgreisslerei works with a multi-disciplinary team of clinical and health psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, and a psychiatrist. Our treatments are oriented towards women suffering from substance and/or alcohol addiction. Our team also creates personalised treatment plans to meet our clients’ needs throughout their care at our clinic. 


The programme provides and uncovers new addiction rehabilitation treatments for women in Austria. Die Gesundheitsgreisslerei supports women gain their autonomy and independence. Our treatments are well received; the growing demand by female patients proves that the programme meets a pressing need. 


The entire concept of Die Gesundheitsgreisslerei can be transferred to in-patient clinics in other regions; it can be adapted to meet local conditions and needs.  

Appreciation of the Jury

Addiction rehabilitation treatments do not meet the needs of women. Women receiving treatment for addictions are often placed under care developed and designed for men. Die Gesundheitsgreisslerei is a unique organisation in Austria focused on the “female” experience of addiction. The clinic offers feministbased addiction treatment where therapy is adapted to the patients’ personal backgrounds. The clinic’s female staff ensures a reliable, safe space for women. The project also raises awareness of the needs of women addicted to drugs and alcohol.