Project owner: Lélekkel az Egészségért Alapítvány / Mental Health for Wellbeing Foundation

Responsible person: Szigeti Réka




Civil Society / Social Economy

What is it about?

We are unique in reaching out to all participants of schools: children, teachers, and parents ‘speak the same language’. We provide practical solutions to the severe problem of stress with innovative elements of health psychology in the spirit of empowerment. Our cross-sectoral collaboration is also a novelty: we provide high-quality care through school psychologists, training and continuously supervising them, while working closely together with other civilians. Value-creating cooperation with the for-profit sector also provides financial support.


Stress and burnout are among the most significant difficulties of our times, especially for parents, teachers, and children. Anxiety and mental health crises were further exacerbated by the struggles of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing Ukrainian crisis. Untreated stress and burnout lead to physical and mental illness. 


Calmschool  (“Sulinyugi”) provides practical mental health care and support in schools with interactive stress management and burnout prevention training. We provide high-quality care through our cross-sectoral collaborations with volunteer school psychologists while working closely together with the public.


Calmschool reaches out to teachers, students, and their parents in schools to provide high-quality stress management and burnout prevention. We support our volunteer school psychologist with monthly case discussions and further training. Calmschool also works with NGOs and the private sector. 


Children and teachers in schools are provided practical stress management skills and resources. We have worked with 2,974 teachers, 17,732 children, and parents across 740 school classes in more than 118 schools. As of 2022, 140 people have participated in our professional volunteer training.


Calmschool can be easily transferred and adapted to other countries. Our volunteer programmes and training can be tailored to provide stress management and burnout preventive support for teachers and students.