CITAC - Centre for IT and Alternative Communication

Project owner: Oblastní charita Červený Kostelec (OCHČK) / Local Charity of the town of Cerveny Kostelec

Responsible person: Bc. Katerina Stranska - vedouci CITAK


2,000 Euro Prize


Civil Society / Social Economy

What is it about?

Imagine that the disease causes weakness in your extremities, you can't get dressed, turn on your computer or call your loved ones without help. CITAC breaks the long-held paradigm that it is no longer possible to live meaningful life with a physical handicap. More than 60 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) tries alternative communication devices or SW with the support of cognitive training for improving self-sufficiency. Tailor-made solutions will allow each patient to realize themselves, connect with the world and in some cases even get a job. CITAC clients help other handicapped people.


People with multiple sclerosis (MS) and physical handicaps face significant challenges and social isolation. CITAC – Centre for IT and Alternative Communication breaks the stereotype that it is no longer possible to live a meaningful life with a physical handicap. Our organisation helps people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and loss of mobility become more self-sufficient. 


With the help of technology, CITAC offers individualised solutions to people with multiple sclerosis to help them communicate and live more active, independent lives. Our clients are directly involved in developing the device; this ensures that every solution is tailor-made and fitting to their individual needs and capacities. We also  connection our clients with professional counselling for support.  


We work with people with multiple sclerosis. CITAC works with a team of IT professionals, social workers, and speech therapists at St. Joseph’s Home to teach our clients how to use alternative communication devices tailored to their abilities, such as control by mouth, voice, head, or eyes. Some clients share their experiences with others and contribute to the programme’s implementation fieldwork.


CITAC helps our clients improve their communication skills and connect with the world. Our clients improve their ability to use PCs and other electronic devices independently. Most importantly, our clients have a higher quality of life with more self-sufficiency and self-confidence to engage in society. 


Through alternative and personalised communication devices, CITAC works together with our clients with multiple sclerosis and physical handicaps to live independent lives. Our programmes are based on direct involvement with our clients and our multidisciplinary team. CITAC and its personalised approaches open new horizons for people living with multiple sclerosis and other disabilities.

Appreciation of the Jury

CITAC exemplifies how technological innovation can be personalised to serve the needs of people with multiple sclerosis. The project is unique for its use of new technologies for this particular disease. CITAC offers participative ways to continuous improvement of the project and develops customised tools together with the target group – a truly innovative initiative. Many of the participants become lecturers and role models, but most importantly, they enjoy new opportunities in their lives.