LeLi – Love for Life

2,000 Euro Prize 2023

Country: Austria

Region: Styria

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Awareness raising, Mental health, Addiction

Project owner: Lebenshilfen Soziale Dienste GmbH

Responsible person: Mag.a Nina Baumgartner

Website: Weblink


Eating disorders are severe mental illnesses. The number of people who suffer from eating disorders is constantly growing. Eating disorders are not socially recognised, although they have the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses. There is a lack of low-threshold offers that are suitable for everyday life. 


LeLi’s therapeutical offer is based on the individual needs of the participants and is suitable for the social everyday life. Beside therapy on the behavioural level, the project concentrates on the person behind the symptom. To support this aim, LeLi develops a trauma sensitive treatment for eating disorders.


LeLi has a interdisciplinary team. Because of their different expertise they are able to cover the topics of mental health, medical care, nutrition, everyday life and skills training, body awareness and movement, as well as networking, case management, and public relations. LeLi uses the highly innovative method of NeuroDeeskalation® in the treatment of their participants.


As a low-threshold, multi-professional, networking offer, LeLi creates a clear stance for the treatment of eating disorders and helps patients to step out of trauma dynamics. This also includes breaking down taboos surrounding eating disorders. Through its presence in the media, the topic is gaining increased attention and social awareness.


The day centre is the first facility of its kind to close the gap between inpatient and outpatient treatment for people who suffer from eating disorders. It aims to reconcile therapy and everyday life. This concept can be operated in every region. The setting will be enlarged in the form of eating disorders specific shared homes in the future.


Illustration © Elisabeth Krischner

Appreciation of the Jury

The convincing element of the LeLi project can be seen through its low threshold therapy approach to eating disorders. Combining the most recent scientific evidence from various disciplines, the project managed to develop a comprehensive approach, which is free of charge and easy to integrate into the clients’ daily life. LeLi’s holistic approach places the person before the symptoms, it strengthens social bonds and provides an innovative solution to handle eating disorders.