Childhood to Children – happy childhood to every child

Nominated 2023

Country: Slovakia

Region: Košice Region

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Poverty, Family, Early childhood education

Project owner: Občianske združenie Detstvo deťom (Civic Association Childhood to Children)

Responsible person: Norika Liptáková

Website: Weblink

What is it about?

It is the only NGO in SK that focuses specifically on longterm work with a group of underage and adolescent Roma mothers (often younger than 14), their partners and their children since their birth. The aim is to create environment for favorable development of these children despite the absence of parenthood role models. They work with children at developmental risk caused by life in generational poverty and use methods of early intervention. NGO also works with adolescent girls - they implement preventive activities (education for partnership, family planning and responsible sexual behavior)