Projektgazda szervezet: Fandi mámám z.s.

Felelős személy: Petra Květová Pšeničná




Civil társadalom / Szociális gazdaság

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Fandimat is an app that connects people in need and nonprofit organization with generous donators or companies who want to help and make a difference With Fandimat, you can browse through the profiles of people in need of material support and choose to donate whatever you can. You can request or offer food, items from the pharmacy, furniture, or something for children/babies etc. App works on the principle of a map - help is concrete, transparent, local. You can find people in need/or donors from your region. FandiMat thinks about sustainability - new or old things can be donated.


FandiMat is an app connecting people in need and non-profit organisations with donors or companies who want to help and make a difference. App users can browse profiles of people needing support and donate what they can: food, pharmacy items, clothes, furniture, and more. FandiMat promotes sustainability; new and used items can be donated.


FandiMat merges charity and sustainability with modern technology using a map-based app, aiding those in need and enhancing community life. The principle of connection is also unique. Organisations, associations, municipalities, cities, companies, and the public can reach out and offer help to each other.


FandiMat targets various groups, namely individuals in need, donors willing to help others, and sustainability-minded donors who seek to repurpose items. We work with non-profits seeking aid for themselves and their clients and companies seeking to boost their CSR efforts. We also work with cities, municipalities, schools, and civic initiatives to build community. 


FandiMat aids people in need, prioritising sustainability and environmental conservation. Users connect, communicate, and establish contacts for meaningful long-term assistance. It is a platform for offering things that people have and giving them a new life to those in need. 7,000 people currently use the application. 


The application can be very well adapted to other countries and regions. We also aim to expand our reach to new localities.