2.000 Euro Preis 2019

Land: Ungarn

Region: Landesweit umgesetzt

Sektor: Zivilgesellschaft / Sozialwirtschaft

Handlungsfelder: Familie, Gesundheit, Gewaltprävention

Projektträger: Hintalovon Alapítvány

Verantwortliche*r: Bernadett Fodor

Webseite: Link zur Website

Worum geht es?

Yelon is a sexual education project providing information to children aged 10–18 on their body, self, sexuality and relations. A webpage and a mobile application make the information easily accessible for the youth and they can also use the live chat, serviced by highly trained volunteers. A separate page for parents and other adults responsible for children assists home sexual education.

Würdigung der Jury

Stigmatisation of sexuality facilitates temptation. Yelon works on the principle that children and adolescents have a right to safe information. This information should contribute to their physical and psychological self-determination. The involvement of users in the continuous expansion of content ensures user friendliness. Regular training and continuous supervision of the chat volunteers guarantee high professional quality. An enlightening innovative offer for the protection of children and adolescents.