Systematic implementation of work with sexuality in social care facilities.

Nominiert 2023

Land: Tschechien

Region: Landesweit umgesetzt

Sektor: Zivilgesellschaft / Sozialwirtschaft

Handlungsfelder: Gesundheit, Pflege, Psychosoziale Gesundheit

Projektträger: Freya, z. s.

Verantwortliche*r: Lucie Šídová

Webseite: Link zur Website

Worum geht es?

The project works with the systematic introduction of work with sexuality and relationships in residential, healthcare and education facilities. This is not established in most of the facilities. Therefore, the rights of clients may be violated. The creation of "Guide for working with sexuality” was based on research, cooperation with facilities with focus on the needs of clients, personnel and organizations. The Guide helps facilities to go through the process of introducing work with sexuality and create a sexually-friendly environment where sexuality can be fulfilled safely with dignity.