Alles Clara

Projektträger: Alles Clara Gemeinnützige GmbH - Gesellschaft zur Entlastung pflegender Angehöriger

Verantwortliche*r: Nicole Traxler


2.000 Euro Preis


Zivilgesellschaft / Sozialwirtschaft

Worum geht es?

Rund 1 Million Menschen in Österreich pflegen einen Angehörigen und übernehmen damit rund 80 % des anfallenden Pflegebedarfs - meist freiwillig, unbezahlt und hoch belastet. Alles Clara bietet pflegenden Angehörigen digitale Entlastung und Pflegeberatung, unabhängig von Zeit und Ort über ihr Handy. Als Kooperation zwischen Pflegesektor, Wissenschaft, öffentlicher Hand und Privatwirtschaft entsteht eine digitale Sozialdienstleistung, die Betroffene frühzeitig und individuell erreicht, bestehende Angebote vernetzt und zur Attraktivierung des Pflegeberufs beiträgt.


Around 10% of Austria’s population care for a relative, and around 80% take on this work unpaid and highly burdened. Family caregivers face high physical and psychological stress, financial burdens, and time expenditures. This also leads to burnout, poverty in old age, and the need for care for caregivers.


Alles Clara offers family caregivers digital relief and care advice accessible at any time or place through an app on their mobile phones. As a cross-sector collaboration, Alles Clara is a digital social service that reaches and empowers caregivers early and individually, connecting them to services and making the care profession more attractive. 


Care workers, universities, and the public and private sectors collaborate on Alles Clara. The care sector employs counsellors, who are pooled by Alles Clara. Austrian employers offer this digital social service to their employees. The public collaborates by providing funding for this service. We work with universities to educate counsellors and evaluate social services. 


Alles Clara strengthens family caregivers by giving them personal, individualised advice, orientation, emotional support, and referrals to further services. The app facilitates early outreach. Alles Clara also enables nurses to build skills and work from home, which helps to boost the demand for working in nursing. 


Alles Clara aims to set up pilot regions and establish a nationwide social service. The service is also to be extended to young carers and migrant carers. By white-labelling the app in collaboration with non-profit organisations, we aim to improve data security and user-friendliness in other social counselling professions.