housing first österreich

Projektträger: BAWO - Wohnen für alle / BAWO - housing for all

Verantwortliche*r: Gerhard Schützinger


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Zivilgesellschaft / Sozialwirtschaft

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housing first österreich & “zuhause ankommen” (zusammengefasst “hfö”) begleiten über 2.000 wohnungslose Menschen in eine eigene Wohnung und schaffen ein System, um Wohnungslosigkeit zu beenden. hfö baut Hürden zu leistbarem Wohnen ab. Finanzierungsbeiträge, Kautionen und Umzugskosten – oft für armutsbetroffene Menschen unleistbar – werden aus Projektmitteln bezahlt, zusätzl. Betreuung nach Bedarf. hfö ist eine Allianz, für systemischen Wandel: 25 NGOs und 70+ gemeinnützige Bauvereinigungen (GBV) arbeiten mit Finanzierung des Sozialministeriums an der Beendigung von Wohnungslosigkeit.


High costs of living, a competitive housing market, and exclusion make homelessness a risk for many. 20,000 people are registered as homeless, but nearly double this figure may be at risk. Homelessness is often managed rather than solved. Although Austria has a strong affordable housing sector, the required upfront costs are a significant barrier to people living in poverty. 


Homelessness ends with a home. Beneficiaries of housing first austria – arriving home (hfö) move directly into an affordable apartment with their own rental contract. Social workers support them throughout this process. The required upfront costs, deposits, moving costs, and social work are covered by project funds. hfö solves homelessness through housing inclusion and makes affordable homes accessible to those who need them most. 


BAWO, the Austrian umbrella organisation of homeless support services, coordinates the project nationally. 25 NGOs currently implement hfö in their regions. hfö cooperates closely with the limited-profit housing sector (GBVs) to make affordable apartments available where needed. Over 70 GBVs currently provide homes for our clients. The project is fully funded and supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Affairs (BMSGPK). 


hfö will end homelessness for 2,100 people. In doing so, the project establishes a model which has the potential to end homelessness. hfö built a lasting alliance between NGOs, the housing sector, and public policy. It paved the way towards a more inclusive housing market and put eradicating homelessness on the national agenda. 


In Austria, BAWO provides NGOs with a flexible framework to implement the Housing First principles fully. A strong affordable housing sector and funding for entry costs and social work are needed to replicate hfö internationally. Political advocacy and alliance-building with housing providers are the first steps for NGOs who seek to implement hfö’s model.