1,000 Euro Prize 2011

Country: Austria

Region: Salzburg

Sector: Civil Society / Social Economy

Fields of action: Disability, Non-formal education

Project owner: Radiofabrik – Verein Freier Rundfunk Salzburg

Responsible person: Mag. Barbara Winkler

Website: Weblink

What is it about?
Thanks to a specially developed form of technical support named ‘StudioGuard’, blind and visually impaired people can now devise their own radio programmes and contributions, produce jingles or lead studio discussions on issues such as ‘How blind people dream’. Some 10 blind and visually impaired people of different ages are working together with their full-sighted colleagues in various workshops run by Radiofabrik at the Freier Rundfunk Salzburg. They help to edit the ‘Ohrenblicke’ project – networked with Nuremberg, Cologne and Utrecht. Two of them are devising their own programmes and a radio broadcaster is on hand to share his expertise on audio editing with other blind people…
Appreciation of the Jury
Blind and visually impaired people can also produce radio programmes independently using specially developed technical support tools. It’s not just about hearing but also about making yourself heard. Free radio is ideal for this as the ‘Ohrenblicke’ project shows – the participants learn the technical and editorial aspects of radio work to complement their studies and learn how to present issues to the listeners and provoke discussion from a professional perspective. You do not have to see to be able to listen. You cannot see any differences between people when producing radio. So we want to see this project introduced everywhere, not just in Salzburg.