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1,000 Euro Prize 2005

Country: Hungary

Region: Implemented nationwide

Fields of action: Addiction

Project owner: "Megálló Group" Foundation for Addicts

Responsible person: Edit Györik, Projektmanager

Website: Weblink

What is it about?

The Megálló Group realizes a model program, dealing with addicted young people on any stage of drug carreer emphasizing the person-centered approach and both theory and practice of self-help, involving also recovered addicts and therapists into all program activities; by this program it strives to reach the long term abstinence and total re-integration of the target group.

Appreciation of the Jury

The understanding of addiction in the Budapest-based Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation resulted in the realisation that socialisation and its conditions can ultimately lead to illness. This problem can be tackled by providing alternative socialisation opportunities. Against this backdrop, affected individuals were able to set up the Megálló self-help group in 1997. One of the things the young people realised in their search for a meaning in life was the importance of school certificates. In order to complete the schooling they had discontinued, individual, versatile weekly plans are developed to help them to structure their lives. The groups are mainly run by former drug users, who are particularly important as role models. The jury awarded the project and its “holistic approaches” a prize of €1000 in 2005.