Rakun Box Community

Project owner: Rakun Kft./Rakun Ltd.

Responsible person: dr. Horvátth Sarolta




Commercial enterprise

What is it about?

In Budapest, more than 13 million disposable takeaway boxes are thrown into the trash each year. This generates waste that mostly ends up in landfills and cannot be recycled.  


By signing up for a membership in the RAKUN app, customers can order or take away their food in reusable, stainless steel boxes for a fixed monthly fee. The next time they want to use the box, they can return it to the courier. They can also drop off used boxes and receive a new, clean, santised box at participating restaurants. 


We serve RAKUN app users who order takeaway food and also seeking partnership with restaurants to distribute food in reusable containers. 


More than 50,000 single-use boxes from our service have been used by restaurants and their guests. This has significantly contributed to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly catering practices.


The app is easy to translate into other languages. Restaurants in other countries can also replicate the RAKUN model and use reusable boxes with their guests.