Roma help Roma

3rd Prize 2008

Country: Hungary

Region: Implemented nationwide

Fields of action: Work, Early childhood education, Migration

Project owner: Ec-Pec Foundation

Responsible person: Sara Pap

Website: Weblink

What is it about?

35 so-called “Roma coordinators” from the Roma community work as mediators between teachers, (Roma) pupils, their families and the community in schools in deprived regions in Hungary. Mentored by two teachers, they graduate from secondary school and acquire cultural/ethnological and teaching knowledge. Teachers and staff from the local authorities also take part in intercultural and integration sensitivity training courses. The project successfully combines education, work and intercultural dialogue and supports the development of the entire local community. The project is rounded off by special staff and parent workshops.

Appreciation of the Jury

In 2008, the jury awarded third place to the project because “in a multi-facetted approach (it) provokes Roma and non-Roma to see what they cannot see or do not always want to see.”