Integration Assistance Programme

1 000 eurós díj 2012

Ország: Ausztria

Régió: Bécs

Tevékenységi területek: Munka, Szegénység, Migráció

Projektgazda szervezet: crosslink & company

Felelős személy: Elfriede Kreuzer

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Non-Austrian employees in the low-wage sector, for example, in the cleaning industry, in sales or in restaurants, are given free and confidential advice if they wish it. Contact is made through the given company and the management level immediately superior is also involved. Activities cover occupational social work (e.g., financial or housing problems, responsibilities of care etc.), mediation, professional coaching, and individual language training. The accompanying assistance tracks the needs of women, in terms of content, location and time. Financing is currently provided by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI). However, in the long term, the idea is that the benefiting companies will pay.

A zsűri elismerése

Women, who themselves or whose parents immigrated or fled to Austria, are disadvantaged on the Austrian labour market. They belong to the 'working poor' and tend not to attract the interest of lobbying activists. We appreciate the work of the Integration Assistance Programme all the more because it is difficult for such women to pull themselves out of their social plight. We wish to show our recognition both for the practical work and the intention of convincing companies to pay for this service. We hope that the project increases awareness of the need for (more) dignified conditions for women working in the low-wage sector.