Mediamonitor Program

1 000 eurós díj 2007

Ország: Magyarország

Régió: Országszerte megvalósul

Tevékenységi területek: Felnőttoktatás, Szenvedélybetegség

Projektgazda szervezet: Hungarian Cicil Liberties Union

Felelős személy: István Gábor Takács

Honlap: Tovább a honlapra

Miről szól a projekt?
The topic of drugs is, for the most part, tainted with prejudices and false information. To a large extent, the way in which the media deals with the subject adds to the social exclusion of those affected. The rights of all the people who are rapidly sucked into the downward spiral of addiction are not taken into account at all. The Budapest-based project, Mediamonitor, aims to change this situation in Hungary by using media monitoring, its website, lectures and other activities to create genuine knowledge and a more rational approach to the subject of drugs. The organisation comments on texts published by the press and counters them with facts and data or publishes counter-statements. Since the SozialMarie award ceremony, a dialogue with media representatives has developed.
A zsűri elismerése
In 2007, the jury expressed its hope that the project will “become an agent of media control and that its balanced view of drugs will become more widespread”. The project was awarded a prize of €1000.