Projektgazda szervezet: Prvá pomoc zážitkom / First Aid Expirience

Felelős személy: Mgr. Anna Kmecová




Civil társadalom / Szociális gazdaság

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In rescueROOM we train FIRST AID BY EXPERIENCE, we change the theoretical course into a practical experience. You try the role of a rescuer and a helper, you solve life-threatening conditions and accident treatment, in a simulated environment on a model situation with a realistic representation of injuries you learn how to save lives, what to do until the arrival of the ambulance crew to be ready to respond and overcome block / fear in crisis situation. We are professional paramedics and first aid instructors. We have an individual approach to each target group, we will adapt to your needs.


First aid courses and training programmes can be life-saving but are often impersonal and inaccessible to the public. Many people also feel intimidated or afraid of providing first aid care. The programme provides interactive first aid courses and training in simulated environments to the public.  


rescueROOM provides practical and personalised first aid training to raise awareness and provide life-saving care. We provide high-quality and accessible courses in simulated environments for the public to learn to save lives in emergencies. rescueRoom first aid students experience different scenarios with realistic depictions of injuries, as well learn the latest first aid technologies and procedures to meet the needs of diverse communities.


Our courses and trainings are led by a team of paramedics, first aid instructors, volunteers, and make-up artists who create realistic depictions of injuries. We are also planning to adapt our trainings to different settings and scenarios, as well as develop an interactive virtual reality training. 


rescueROOM provides and spreads awareness of the importance of first aid. We created our programmes for the public not to feel intimidated by providing first aid care to others in need. Our team empowers the public to incorporate first aid as a life-long skill.


We are currently planning to open branches in other cities as a franchise in Slovakia and in the future, also in neighbouring countries. rescueROOM plans to launch a “turn-key branch” to teach first aid in local schools. In addition, we are planning to publish an interactive first aid guide, rescueBOOK, and launch the rescueCHALLANGE campaign as a call to learn first aid.