SozialMarie Award

Razpis 2023

Ali izvajate inovativen projekt s socialnim ciljem ali poznate koga, ki ga? Radovedni smo! SozialMarie išče inovativne socialne projekte, ki si upajo narediti spremembo. Prijavi se zdaj!

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Our Events

Annual Team Meetup

After a few years of online events, we have welcomed our team back to Vienna. Jury members, evaluators, coordinators and patrons participated in a team workshop to discuss the future of SozialMarie and new challenges in the field of social innovation.

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SozialMarie Award

Wanda Moser-Heindl receives 'Founder of the Year'

The Austrian association of non-profit foundations named Wanda Moser-Heindl as Founder of the Year. Congratulations to the founder of SozialMarie!

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Best Practice Stories

Unlikely alliance between SozialMarie winners

What is the connection between social integration, sustainability and healthy meals? How is the aim of desegregation compatible with the idea of zero-waste? Read our report on a joint pioneer project, initiated by two of the SozialMarie winners in Hungary.  

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SozialMarie Award

CHANGES for women - an initiative for women with an unwanted pregnancy

An unwanted pregnancy can affect any woman - but not all of these women have the opportunity for an abortion. Anna Maria Lampert talks about the hurdles of a woman who wants to end her pregnancy and about the work of the organization CHANGES for Women.

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Social Innovation Insights

SozialMarie at the Impact Days 2022

What is the future of social impact investment? The Impact Days are an important meeting point for social businesses and investors from all around Europe. We have presented SozialMarie and met some of our winners and nominees.

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