TRIC – TRansferring social Innovation into Competencies



What skills are needed to turn a social innovation into a successful project? We have analysed this in detail and created effective training materials based on our findings.

In the course of the TRIC project, we looked for social innovation competences by analysing proven and successful social initiatives.


Proposal: Erasmus + Small Scale Program

Project: TRIC – TRansferring social Innovation into Competencies

Implementation period: 01/02/2023–31/01/2024.


Our goals:

  • Strengthening social innovation competencies among adults with non-formal education methods.
  • Supporting the transferability of effective social innovation methods by transforming projects into training materials.
  • Identifying the competences inherent in social innovations that can be adapted for the labor market and teaching them to adults.



  • 20 adult students develop their social innovation competencies
  • 2 training packages pilot tested by 10-10 adult learners.
  • Research and methodology on how to transfer social innovation into educational materials, and on transforming case study methodologies into key competences of the labour market. 
  • 5 training packages to specific social innovation methods and to labour market competencies are finalised and accessible online in 3 languages (EN&AT&HU). 


The training packages:

Sharing community

Community service

Community media

Community learning

Community gardening


Partner: Unruhe Privatsstiftung, Cromo Foundation

For more information please contact Tornóczi Zsófia.

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