Solidarregion Weiz

Cena v hodnote 1 000 Eur 2009

Krajina: Rakúsko

Región: Štajersko

Polia pôsobnosti: Práca, Vzdelávanie dospelých, Prevencia násilia

Vlastník projektu: Solidarregion Weiz

Zodpovedná osoba: Mag. Fery Berger

Webstránka: Odkaz na webstránku

O čom to je?

As a reaction to a regional crisis, people from the Styrian borough of Weiz decided to take action. In 2005, they set up a grassroots initiative group and since then have devoted themselves to a fundamental regeneration of society in economic, social, ecological and ethical terms. On this basis, they have developed concrete projects: a solidarity savings account and solidarity loans improve the regional economic cycle, while solidarity companies receive awards and solidarity prizes are awarded. The local food supply has been boosted and a local currency has been (further) developed. A donation of one euro per inhabitant means that €80,000 per year is forwarded to “One World projects”, which shows how the local and the global can complement each other.

Ocenenie poroty

In 2009, the jury awarded a prize of €1000 to the “grassroots movement par excellence” for its “unusual combination of far-ranging, visionary, and fundamental issues with small, concrete and selective activities”.