Nominovaní 2016

Krajina: Rakúsko

Región: Horné Rakúsko

Odvetvie: Občianska spoločnosť / Sociálny podnik

Polia pôsobnosti: Vzdelávanie dospelých

Vlastník projektu: ULF - Unabhängiges LandesFreiwilligenzentrum

Zodpovedná osoba: Mag.a Nicole Sonnleitner

Webstránka: Odkaz na webstránku

O čom to je?

The project “Committed.Integrated – Intercultural Volunteer Work” gives asylum seekers the opportunity to get involved in society by means of volunteer work. For this to work out, they first learn the necessary essentials in a series of workshops especially designed for them. The certificate they receive at the end may be useful to them in their asylum applications. Importantly, by participating in the workshops, they get access to ULF’s network – ULF cooperates with more than 300 social institutions. They often work in tandems with Austrian volunteers. They will thus gain recognition for their abilities; they become part of the society surrounding them – and will start contributing to shaping and changing it.