Vlastník projektu: TU Wien Fakultät für Architektur und Raumplanung Institut für Kunst und Gestaltung 1

Zodpovedná osoba: Renate Stuefer und Karin Harather


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O čom to je?

For one of their courses, master class students of architecture visit Vienna’s biggest refugee camp in the third district. Together with the asylum seekers, the students transform the former inland revenue office building to make it liveable: palettes and screens for the container showers outside; installation of a kindergarten and a culture café; painting of tiles to decorate the walls since textiles are forbidden because of the fire hazard; raised flower or vegetable beds in the inner courtyard; installation of a workshop accessible for all so that more chairs, tables and shelves can be built for the common rooms. The Red Cross co-manages all these activities, the inhabitants are more than happy to team up.


Ocenenie poroty

Students of architecture intervene, spatially and thus socially. This shows their taking on of responsibility. Impact is immediate: living conditions and quality of life of the asylum seekers inhabiting the gigantic 19th century building improve straight away. Privacy is created, common rooms are arranged, artisanal and creative potentials put to use, aesthetic solutions found. All work done together connects those involved. It also distracts. And it helps find a common language between all those who join their forces. A most unusual cooperation! The innovative structures created here are to remain in place should the refugee camp relocate. Social spaces everywhere need collective interventions.