Fierce Women

All the Right Cards

Cena v hodnote 2 000 Eur

winner 3
občianska spoločnosť/sociálny podnik
Polia pôsobnosti:
mimoškolské vzdelávanie / pedagogika voľného času
vzdelávanie dospelých/ osveta
špecifická práca pre mužov /ženy
Vek cieľovej skupiny :
všetky vekové skupiny
Pohlavie cieľovej skupiny:
bez rozlíšenia pohlavia
Vlastník projektu:
Expanse of Gender and Media Culture 'Common Zone'
Zodpovedná osoba:
Gabrijela Ivanov

O čom to je?

Fierce Women is unique social card game that promotes and celebrates the work and contributions of women to society. It empowers its players to break down prejudices about women's abilities, interests and achievements, and inspires new generations of fierce women - all of that while providing great fun!

Ocenenie poroty

Fierce Women offers a simple yet innovative way of telling stories of atypical, courageous, and passionate women from different historical eras and fields of activity. The attractively designed and enjoyable card game promotes recognition of the merits of these women. It is very suitable as a gift and fits in with the most diverse social contexts. It is thus widely distributed. In this way, the cliché of women being the “good” gender is playfully undermined. And new generations of “Fierce Women” are inspired. Hopefully.