Nominiranci 2011

Država: Avstrija

Regije: Štajerska

Sektor: Civilna družba / Socialno gospodarstvo

Področja dejavnosti: Enakopravnost med spoloma

Lastnik projekta: VinziHelp – Frauen helfen Frauen

Odgovorna oseba: Mathilde Unterrieder

Spletna stran: Weblink

What is it about?

A maximum of 5 homeless Austrian women with a severe physical impairment who no longer wish to or are unable to stay in existing homes for women can be housed at the Paulinenvilla without the re-requisite of needing medication or therapy. They are only accompanied here by non-specialists – a house manager and women working on a voluntary basis. The aim is not to persuade the women to accept treatment or to be re-integrated into society and there are no time restraints on how long they can stay.