Einkaufsgruppe.com - #UnitedWeSpend

2.000 evrov nagrade 2015

Država: Avstrija

Regije: Dunaj

Sektor: Civilna družba / Socialno gospodarstvo

Področja dejavnosti: Preprečevanje nasilja

Lastnik projekta: Einkaufsgruppe - Joachim Schreiber

Odgovorna oseba: Joachim Schreiber

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What is it about?

Almost forty big and small NGOs and non-university research institutes are already part of PurchasingGroup. And are thus able to use a bigger part of their private donations and/or official subsidies for the donation’s/subsidy’s real purpose. Because when purchasing something, they benefit from the favourable conditions of the supplier portfolio of a big procurement service Ltd. Purchases are also being more and more “ecologised”. The NGOs buy office material, sanitary products, insurance services or energy and economise up to 30%. Without membership fee and no matter how much they buy. They are trained at the outset, and then supervised, and they will, all in all, also economise on time.


Pohvala žirije

To “shop” together, thus save on material overhead costs and use the money economised for the NGO’s real purpose. It does not sound spectacular. Yet it had never been done before: to increase the efficiency of my non-governmental, non-profit organisation by procurement that saves money and time. Access is low-threshold, procedures are well run-in, and every member is entitled to enlarge the existing portfolio, the more ecological, the better. And the more members, the better. An NGO that has been part of it from the beginning calls it all “learning cooperation”.