I stand up for you/I stand up for myself

Lastnik projekta: KV Társulat ( KV Theatre )

Odgovorna oseba: Urbanovits Krisztina


2. nagrada


Civilna družba / Socialno gospodarstvo

What is it about?

I Stand Up for You and I Stand Up for Myself are 2 closely interlinked innovative, artistic and social prevention programmes against sexual exploitation and human trafficking. The programme targets and works closely with people living and working in state care (a group that receives little social attention) and members of the police, to generate tangible change, achieve results in victim protection and crime prevention and strengthen the social esteem of the target group. The programme was created by 3 NGOs and consists of theatre performances and self-development drama-workshops.


Sexual exploitation and human trafficking are growing social issues worldwide. In Hungary, around 23,000 children growing up in state care are at heightened risk of sex trafficking and sex work in which they are abused and face difficulties integrating into society. There is also a lack of public awareness and solidarity on this issue in Hungary.  


Theatre performance and an educational programme for children and adults is brought together by this programme. We use social research and involve the target group of children and adults in creating the programme. Post-performance workshops are organized nationwide with the aim to prevent sexual violence and exploitation of children in state care and raise awareness on this issue to drive change. 

Deležniki pri projektu

The project is carried out by three NGOs, the Anonymous Ways Foundation, and two independent theatres (KVCompany, Horizon Group). The theatres have actors who work with the project and are experienced in working with youth. Anonymous Ways runs a rehabilitation programme and contributes its expertise to the project. 


It is a fusion of theatre, education, and professional social care. Due to its holistic qualities and audiences, it is a powerful educational tool that raises public awareness and opens new perspectives. 


This model can be successfully applied internationally and adapted to local needs. We also share our research experience, rehearsal and writing methodology in international workshops. The workshops can be adapted to meet local needs with the support of our team and drama teachers.