Bicycle Friends of Floridsdorf (FFF)

Lastnik projekta: Heilsarmee / Salvation Army

Odgovorna oseba: Dipl.Soz.Päd.Schmaranzer Andreas




Civilna družba / Socialno gospodarstvo

What is it about?

The sustainable concept enables people affected by poverty to access mobility and social participation. In the workshop, former homeless individuals, along with a mechanic and volunteers, repair and upcycle donated second-hand bicycles for the Heisami charity. These are then sold at a discounted rate. Additionally, FFF provides affordable bike servicing.become an important contact point in Floridsdorf. FFF helps: if you need a bike and if you need advice in life.


Rising poverty is a challenge for people living in the outer neighbourhoods of Vienna. The high costs of bike shops discourage people living in poverty from accessing and enjoying cycling on their own bikes. 


BicycleFriendsFloridsdorf is embedded within the Erna House of the Salvation Army House for formerly homeless people. Since the opening, we promoted cycling as an affordable and fun activity for residents and people in the district. The project also created new opportunities for community spaces and initiatives that were needed and missing in the district. 

Deležniki pri projektu

Our clients, people living in poverty and formerly homeless, initiated this idea. Professional mechanics guide them in recycling and repairing old bikes. Volunteers in the local community also help with the project. 


Erna House transformed from a once secluded place for formerly homeless people into a community centre in the district. It is a space where people of the district can purchase affordable bicycles, work together with the project, and make new friends. 


The entire concept is transferable and expandable in other districts of Vienna or Austria. The Salvation Army could open container shops or pop-up stores, such as a workshop, a second-hand shop, and a café with a social counselling centre.