Towards social inclusion of young men leaving institutional care in the Czech Republic

Cena 1 000 euro

winner 50200
Země / Region:
celé Česko
občanská společnost/ sociální podnik
Pole působnosti:
Věk cílové skupiny:
12 - 18 let = mládež
Pohlaví cílové skupiny:
pouze muži
Kdo stojí za projektem:
League of Open Men (LOM)
Odpovědná osoba:
Tereza Herdová

O čem projekt je?

The project "Patron" enhances the capacity of social inclusion of young men (17 - 21 years of age) upbrought in the system of institutional care. It increases their capacity to get and keep a job. The main method of social inclusion is provision of individual support to adolescents by so-called "patrons" - adult men with professional background and competences.

Hodnocení poroty

Two worlds get to know each other: socially successful men called "patrons" take care of male youths who spent their childhood and adolescence in homes – materially well provided for, but without knowledge how to survive in the adult world, and without or with few male role models. The project reacts in a socially innovative way and looks for "patrons" that help their young protégés to find their path from institutional assistance into "independence". Two worlds learn from each other: the patrons that they can be useful in a very different social context; their young protégés that someone looks after them, just like that.