There is no cap on!

To understand and solve the problems of people in deep poverty

Cena 2 000 euro

winner 50100
Země / Region:
celé Maďarsko
občanská společnost/ sociální podnik
Pole působnosti:
chudoba / bezdomovectví / zadluženost
Věk cílové skupiny:
všechny věkové skupiny
Pohlaví cílové skupiny:
všechna pohlaví
Kdo stojí za projektem:
Roma Press Association
Odpovědná osoba:
Suri Szilvia

O čem projekt je?

The objective of the campaign is to combat the criminalization of poverty by publicity and cooperation. We would like to publicity for the unpublished and individual cases to inform more and more people. Our aim is to empower local community at least in 50 settlements by raising the awareness on their problems. Besides the aforementioned we working on proposals and on opening the bike services.

Hodnocení poroty

“Whether you wear a cap or not, you’ll be punished” – this is more or less how ethnic profiling works. Police could control any cyclist – they would always find something that is not as it should be. Especially in poor areas. But they “specialise” in people from the Roma community. “'There Is No Cap On” wants to disturb that practice. The absurdity of police intervention is highlighted; the most excessive case is awarded the prize. Even mainstream media are thus alerted to punishments dealt out according to ethnic criteria. At the same time, those responsible are offered help for the changing of such police practices. An innovative sandwich strategy, so to say.