Dance smart ;)

Nominovaní 2006

Země: Slovinsko

Region: Realizován v celé zémi

Pole působnosti: Závislosti

Kdo stojí za projektem: Association DrogArt

Odpovědná osoba: Mina Kranjc, MD

Web: Odkaz na web

O čem projekt je?
The project is based on the general idea and principles of harm reduction on the field of synthetic drugs and youth preventive work (social inclusion, safe sex, health issues) and is focused on the population, attending dance events and using dance drugs and in some parts on general population between 14 and 25 years in Slovenia (safe sex, alcohol prevention, health issues). The main goal of the project since 1999 is in reducing harm caused by the misuse or abuse of synthetic drugs and in encouraging people through different modern media of prevention (internet, magazine) into making responsible decisions in their life (with the emphasis on their leisure time activities during the weekend).