HírösGranny service

Kdo stojí za projektem: Hírös Agóra Nonprofit Kft., CédrusNet Kecskemét Program (Hírös Agóra Cultural and Youth Center Nonprofit Liability Company, CédrusNet Kecskemét Program)

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O čem projekt je?

The aim of the CédrusNet Kecskemét Program is to develop tools of social innovation. We want to generate meaningful changes in employment, social participation, and healthy and active ageing within the 50 plus age group. Kecskemét is one of the most dynamically developing Hungarian cities, and more than ten thousand young people moved to the city. However, they did not bring their parents with them, therefore, families are often left without help. HírösGranny has created a new profession and a service to support families with young children.


By 2030, every second resident is expected to be over 50 years old, while the number of working-age people in Hungary will gradually decrease by 40% over the next 20 years. Many young people are moving to cities for work without their parents and families, but they do not have help with childcare while they are working. 


HírösGrannies service (“HírösNagyi szolgáltatás“) supports families with young children living in the city of Kecskemét. In addition to earning extra income, the Grannies extend their social network, learn and keep up new skills. 


The project employs women of retirement age who have completed the HírösGranny training of the CédrusNet Kecskemét Programme. HírösGrannies service connects the women to institutions and families who need childcare and household assistance. Our programme also helps facilitate and organise scheduling between the women and their clients, including booking substitutes from our database.  


HírösGrannies who have completed the course are constantly active and busy. They help not only families with children but also work with local city institutions. The women also volunteer at festivals and events. They are also currently organising childcare for Ukrainian refugee children. 


We would like to expand the programme to towns near the city of Kecskemét. The project can be transferred to emerging cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants who can hire employees to work with families, companies, and institutions.