Growing Together

Cena 2 000 euro 2023

Země: Chorvatsko

Region: Splitsko-dalmatínska župa, Záhřebská župa

Odvětví: Komerční podnik

Pole působnosti: Práce s dětmi, Kultura, Ochrana životní prostředí

Kdo stojí za projektem: Nakladnička kuća Fraktura (Fraktura publishing house)

Odpovědná osoba: Seid Serdarević

Web: Odkaz na web


The project responds to two main challenges: first, the exclusion of young people from the cultural scene and their low reading rate; and second, a general lack of awareness about the ways to combat current ecological problems.


To address the challenges, Growing Together currently implements 'Let's Read Together' workshops tailored to the needs of troubled teens. These workshops aim to promote reading and develop critical thinking while fostering their inclusion in the cultural scene. The project furthermore sets good practice examples in publishing to raise awareness about eco-friendly actions.


The project was initiated by Fraktura publishing house, in collaboration with Biljkoborci, Boranka, and Dugave Youth Centre. Fraktura's in-house team is responsible for much of the work, while Biljkoborci and Boranka provide promotional material and seedlings. Adolescents are informed of the workshops by staff at the Dugave Youth Centre.


The direct impact of the project is seen through the 5,000 planted seedlings in a reforestation action, with another such undertaking planned later in 2023. The impact of the reading workshops is shown in the participants’ improved vocabulary and their greater engagement with reading and cultural scene.


The concept of the reading workshops can be adapted and applied to different youth centres/homes; tailored to the needs and interests of the young people who would participate in them. Similarly, for the ecological aspect, information dissemination and environmental initiatives collaboration could be implemented in other cultural institutions.

Hodnocení poroty

As a project, Growing Together dares to set itself several goals. It aims to foster political and social engagement, contribute to reforestation, while (as a commercial publisher) promoting the culture of reading. A complex project idea, implemented with well-established project partners in an ecologically sustainable way. Growing Together is a courageous undertaking, which offers a new approach to simultaneously promote social inclusion and environmental consciousness.