Connecting Slovak scientists abroad and at home

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Odpovědná osoba: Dominika Hroššová




Občanská společnost / Sociální podnik

O čem projekt je?

Slovak researchers abroad embody untapped potential for Slovakia. They are eager to contribute to their homeland, however, they lack information about opportunities and needs. Last 6 years, the project bridges this gap by facilitating their connections and information exchange with colleagues at home. We provide an online platform for communication, organize an annual conference with networking activities, highlight accomplishments of Slovak scientists worldwide, and introduce them to the public via spots in Radio Slovakia. This initiative is a non-profit activity led by scientists themselves.


Slovakia faces a significant brain drain, with up to 43% of highly educated individuals leaving the country. It is difficult to lure these expats back and harness their potential while their expertise and knowledge are lost to the country. Slovakia must develop a relationship with this community while they are abroad to engage and motivate them to help. 


Connecting Slovak scientists abroad and at home fosters relationships, collaborations, and engagement opportunities. We partner with non-profit organisations, universities, and the Slovak Academy of Science. Our organisation also works with grant agencies, industry, media, policymakers, and Slovak embassies to collaborate internationally and share research. 


The target group of Slovak scientists abroad operate the project and co-create its content. Over the last 7 years, new members consistently joined the team to showcase their work and seek advice and connections to collaborate with institutions in Slovakia.  


Our conferences have attracted over 1,000 participants, a third of whom are based abroad. An additional 500 participants each year participated via online stream. By rotating the venue across different faculties and scientific institutions, we continuously engage new audiences and mediate interdisciplinary collaborations. The community is highly engaged and growing.  


Our community’s engagement model can be transferred. Members contribute by co-creating content and implementing activities. Maintaining ties with the community and staying informed about opportunities to get involved is crucial. People should feel valued and recognised that their expertise is essential for the progress of their country or region.