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the inclusive dance, culture and theater festival in Graz



Tourism and Integration in Carinthia

A Thousand Ultrasound Examination Instead of the State

Lighting up human light houses against removing children from families

Functional social networks to support a family instead of separating children from their families into institutions

Fotbal pro rozvoj v České republice

Ligy férového fotbalu pro rozvoj sociálních dovedností mladých

UNDERSTANDING THE FORGETTING: School projects dealing with people with dementia

Joint development and implementation of school projects to raise awareness among pupils about dementia

Outdoor Maths Project

Extracurricular Talent Development in Mathematics with Innovative Methods



Map search engine that allows you to find local farmers and artisans

Začni správně

Z děcáku do života


Enjoy your impact


German language and inclusion course for asylum seekers with tertiary level education

Hilfswerks.Fair.Teiler takes action against food waste

The cooperation of the neighbourhood centers of the Wiener Hilfswerk with the Eco-Social Forum Vienna offers a solution for an urgent problem