Green Baskets for healthy community

2.000 Euro Preis

winner 50400
Land / Region:
ganz Kroatien
Migration / Interkulturalität / Ethnizität
Alter der Zielgruppe:
19 - 25 Jahre = junge Erwachsene
Geschlecht der Zielgruppe:
alle Geschlechter
Social agricultural cooperative Home Garden
Rusalka Majer

Worum geht es?

As a social enterprise whose management is based on fair trade, principles of participatory democracy and the inclusion of marginalized groups on the labor market, social agricultural cooperative Home Garden is a model of sustainable development. We want to emphasize the importance of fair relations, conscientious and responsible behavior to society, the environment and the community.

Würdigung der Jury

People from the Roma community and organic farmers are – on equal terms – members of a social agricultural cooperative. The two are from societal groups that usually do not (want to) have much in common. With the project “Green Baskets for a Healthy Community”, they now practice organic farming together and are able to feed their own and other families healthily. That’s more than innovative! What’s more, unused land is reactivated and high-value products are made affordable to urban families through direct marketing. That is an economy at its participative and ecological best! And social inclusion is put into practice. That is what lived responsibility for the community and for the environment looks like!