Furniture revolution

Projektträger: Kabinet CB, s.r.o

Verantwortliche*r: Dana Kalistová




Zivilgesellschaft / Sozialwirtschaft

Worum geht es?

Social enterprise and re-use center KABINET CB, in co-ooperation with furniture bank, offers an effective and sustainable solution for social housing furnishing. Furniture and appliances donated to KABINET CB undergo basic repairs, or re-design and are moved to furniture bank. Clients of furniture bank can use individual pieces or the entire social housing (an apartment) can be completely furnished. Our bottom line is following statment: It is not enough just to have a place to live. Everyone should have a right and opportunity to live well.


Furniture Revolution (“Nábytková revoluce”) aims to reuse and recycle the 100 tons of furniture thrown away per year to support those in need. The furniture and household appliances are repaired by reuse centres and donated to furniture banks. Similar to food banks, furniture banks are non-profit organizations supporting people in need.


Furniture revolution offers a sustainable solution to furnish social housing in co-operation with the furniture bank. Donated appliances are repaired or re-designed by the furniture bank to furnish social housing apartments. We believe that it is not enough to have a place to live; everyone should have the right and opportunity to live well.


We work together with diverse stakeholders, including municipalities, NGOs, local employment bureaus and, last but not least, our clients. We create new jobs for socially disadvantaged communities, which are often excluded from employment. At our company, they have the opportunity to help others facing similar challenges.


As a reuse centre, we lower waste and provide furniture and household appliances to those in need. The furniture and appliances are repaired and sent to the furniture bank to furnish social housing. In the future, we would like to build a national network to expand our outreach. 


Our programme established a co-operation model to highlight the social, ecological, and economic impacts of waste. We would like to develop, promote, and co-fund this model through the Czech Federation of Furniture Banks and Reuse Centres, which will launch in early 2021.


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