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Projektträger: Ribárszki Anna és civil szakértők - Anna Ribárszki and civil experts

Verantwortliche*r: Krasznai Vanda


2.000 Euro Preis


Zivilgesellschaft / Sozialwirtschaft

Worum geht es?

Gas prices increased by 650 % above a certain level of consumption in Hungary in August 2022. The monopolistic energy supplier often provides contradictory, vague communication, and incorrect billing settings. As gas bills can take a significant toll on one’s income, this price rise led to difficult financial situations for many families.


Gas pricing and billing are complicated and complex based on a weather characteristic curve, which can be calculated and tracked. To solve billing problems, we created free resources (spreadsheets, an online calculator, and video tutorials) and founded a Facebook group for immediate, personalised help for consumers. 


Our Facebook group, “GAS BILL FROM 23-08-2022,” is dynamically growing with 110,000 members. However, rising gas and energy costs affect everyone. The group is run entirely by a pro-bono civilian expert staff of 34 volunteers who moderate and facilitate the page.


Our team solved thousands of individual and collective gas bill concerns that the supplier mismanaged or did not resolve. We settled refunds worth between 130 Euro and 1.300 Euro from the gas service provider. Our team also detected and reported malpractices to the service provider and authorities.


We aim to find a concrete solution to this situation by providing free, altruistic help for others. This community-based model is not limited to rising energy costs but can be applied to other fields and social challenges.